Music Director


Singer/songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, conductor, audio engineer and renaissance man, Sylvain Vallee is one of Canada’s conduits of musical energies churning away in the background of our vibrant music scene.

Slide18As an international recording artist and television composer, Sylvain’s music has been heard by millions around the globe. Sylvain’s classically influenced new age CD’s, “Portraits From The Wilderness” and “Timeless Journey”, have reached audiences in Asia, Europe and North America. Many of you have felt the emotional undercurrent of many of Mr. Vallee’s compositions when you were watching TV shows such as “America’s Most Wanted”, “Dateline”, “CNN”, “MTV News” and so on.

Recently relocated to British Columbia, Sylvain’s francophone roots, growing up in Montreal’s multi-national artist community, embedded him culturally during his formative years. Later, the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, the University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario, were added to the melting pot of his musical stew.

Touring was a significant part of Sylvain’s musical endeavors. Sharing the stage with Long John Baldry and Brian Vollmer of Helix and opening for the likes of Jeff Healey, Collin James, Blue Rodeo, Sawyer Brown, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, introduced many mentors into his broad musical palette.


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