Amazing Singing Pop Choir’s Tuition Fees

The fees cover the cost of rehearsal space, insurance, directors fees, website access to learning tools, administration costs, and music copyrights.

In an effort to try to simplify the accounting we’re making the fees the same for all the choirs. There are approximately 30 rehearsals during the season…..because of stat holidays it varies per choir.

2018 – 2019 Season

Choir Membership, September to the end of May: $420.00

You have the choice of paying the total amount at the beginning of the season or you can split it up into two payments of $210 (September, January) or three payments of $140 (September, January, and after March break).

Access to the website ends with the season. Summer access is available to members who know they will be returning in September. Pay $50 in June for the access and take $50 off of your September tuition. This allows singers to look over next seasons songs over the summer, including new ones as they are put up. Full access to the mp3s and scores for all songs and access to all of the other learning resources found on the website is included.

Individualized instruction is available. Please talk to Sylvain for details.

Cash, eTransfer or cheques are fine. If paying by cheque please make it payable to Sylvain Vallee.


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